The Illustration of Tristan Henry\u002DWilson

The Illustration of Tristan Henry-Wilson

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Profile and About The Illustration of Tristan Henry-Wilson

Who's Tristan?

Tristan Henry-Wilson is an illustrator that works with oil paint. He loves to blend the worlds of fashion and fantasy with a gentle touch of surreal. If you're looking for something beautiful you've come to the right place.


Tristan Henry-Wilson
Mobile: 347.464.8743
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Good Mourning

"Good Mourning" an illustration to mark the 10th anniversary of the album, 'Good Mourning' from Alkaline Trio 18 x 24 oil on illustration board

Tristan Henry Wilson Effimera 2000px

"La effimera" 16 x 20 oil on board

Tristan Henry Wilson Black on Black 2000px

"Black on Black" Classics combine; the CHANEL little black dress meets the little black dragon 18 x 24 oil on illustration board
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"Mangria" A promotional illustration for comedian Adam Carolla's Signature Orange Sangria 11 x 17 oil on bristol

Veni Vidi Vita

"Veni, Vidi, Vita" full page illustration for, Transmetropolitan: All Around The World 11 x 17, Oil on board

We’re Like Crystal

"We’re Like Crystal" 14" x 18" Oil on Board
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